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Week of September 17-21:  5th Grade


TEKS: 5.15a, 5.20a, 5.20b, 5.20 a.i

Monday: Introduce writing process and review each step

Tuesday- Review writing process and begin process of writing topic sentences using 10 different strategies

Wednesday- Writing topic sentences

Thursday- Continue writing process with relevant details

Friday- writing relevant details



TEKS: 5.22a, 5.22d

Unit 5 words: Vowel Sounds /o/

Monday- discuss word meanings, pronunciation, and use in context

Tuesday- choice boards

Wednesday- choice boards

Thursday- complete analogies using list words pg. 33

Friday- Review and Test






TEKS: 5.1a, 5.4, 5.9a

Monday- Elements of Poetry; Students write examples of free verse poetry

Tuesday- Identify Haiku poems and students write examples

Wednesday- Rhythm and Haiku poems

Thursday- Understanding lines and stanzas

Friday- Reading poetry for theme and main idea


Social Studies

TEKS: 5.1a, 5.1b, 5.6a, 5.6b, 5.14a

Monday- Week 4 edition; intro vocabulary; read “Boston Tea Party”

Tuesday- Read and discuss events on pgs. 3 and 4; student groups read and gather information

Wednesday- Students groups will present information from pgs. 3 and 4

Thursday- Read “The Price of Freedom”

Friday- Complete time line of events on pg. 4