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4th Grade Lesson Plans

4th Grade

Week of January 14-18


TEKS 4.15a, 4.15b, 4.15c, 4.17a, 4.18a(i)

Monday- Adjectives; DL5

Tuesday-  Adjectives; DL5

                        Expository Writing: Understanding Prompt 

Wednesday- Adjectives; DL5

                     Expository Writing: Understanding Prompt and Writing a Topic Sentence

Thursday- Adjectives; DL5

                          Expository Writing; Understanding Prompt and Writing a Topic Sentence

Friday- Quiz- Adjectives

                    Expository Writing: Individual Writing Conferences based on this week’s writing


TEKS: 4.22 a(iii)

Unit 20- Words ending with -le and -en



TEKS: 4.2a, 4.10, 4.11a, 4.11b, 4.11c

Monday- MOY Star Reading Test in lab

Tuesday- Review of story elements using The Cat in the Hat

Wednesday- Main Idea strategies using graphic organizer

Thursday- Identify Main Idea and supporting details

Friday- Independent Work- Main Idea passages

Social Studies

Week 9- The New World