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5th Grade ELA


Monday- Students will read and answer questions over passage. Students must show all strategies to find answers and prove. Students will get Unit 31 spelling list and I will go over each word. 


Tuesday- We will review spelling words together and go over any misconceptions. Students will write words 3 times each. We will also begin a new prompt for writing. Students will have to show all strategies.  


Wednesday- Teks 5.11C – Students will review cause and effect and other text structure. We will watch flocabulary video over. Students will work in groups to complete page over text structure. 


Thursday- I will review how we figure out what text structure is being used and students will work in groups to complete passage. Students will have page over text structure to complete independently. We will also play sparkle over unit 31 words. 


Friday- Spelling test over Unit 31 words. We will play sparkle before the test. Students will complete page over text structure. We will finish writing story when finished from Tuesday.