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5th Grade Reading


Monday- Teks 5.6B – We will read the story The Night of San Juan as a group and discuss what the problem and solution is. Students should also be able to give me other examples of a story with a problem and solution.


Tuesday – Teks 5.6B – I will review problem and solution with the class and students will read story The Night of San Juan silently and complete page independently.    


Wednesday- Teks 5.6B – Students will read story The Golden Mare and students will discuss sequence of the story. We will talk about how we find sequence ( what key words we look for) and students will complete page over sequence. 


Thursday- Teks-5.11C- We will review text structure and discuss cause and effect. Students will silent read A Historic Journey and complete page over cause and effect. 


Friday- We will watch flocabulary video over drawing conclusions and discuss how it is different from inferences. Students will read the story Dear Mrs. LaRue and complete page over story.