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4th Grade Reading


Monday- Teks- 4.11A Inferencing – We will review inferencing using a graphic organizer page. We will discuss whole group what inferencing means. Students will be divided into groups and work together to complete task cards. Students will then complete passage over inferencing.


Tuesday-  4.11A- We will discuss what it means to make an inference, and I will give my own examples. Students will continue with groups and finish task cards. When finished students will complete passage over inferencing.  


Wednesday- Teks-4.11A- We will have a STAAR review game to go over as many things as we have covered this year. I will place questions on projector and students will answer using cards. We will discuss why each one is correct and go over the other answers


Thursday 4.11A – STAAR review game, we will play whole group to review and will check answers as we go. We will have discussions over why answers are correct. Students will read story and make inferences as we go. 


Friday- 4.11A – We will have the STAAR review game and we will complete passage together as I model each strategy. Students will choose a folder activity to review concepts. Students will complete page over story from yesterday.