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4th Grade ELA


 Monday- Students will get Unit 27 spelling list and we will go over the words in case of any misunderstandings. We will also review our last mock and go over together any mistakes. 


Tuesday- We will finish review of our benchmark and students will go back to correct any mistakes they made. We will discuss each question and we will look at the prompt and students will grade their writing. We will play sparkle over Unit 27.  


Wednesday- We will revise and edit a passage showing all strategies to help us. I will go over when finished. We will write our spelling words 3 times each for extra practice. 


Thursday- We will play sparkle over Unit 27 spelling. We will begin writing from prompt I give and students will show all strategies during their prewriting before completing. 


Friday- Spelling test over Unit 27 words. We will play sparkle before test. Students will also finish writing over prompt given yesterday. If any finish, they will be allowed to help out others. Students will be able to share with class if they would like.