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4th Grade Reading


Monday-  Teks 4.6A plot- We will discuss the plot of a story and go through each event ( rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.)  I will show flocabulary video over plot and as a class we will ride the roller coaster through the plots elements. 


Tuesday-  Teks 4.6A plot- We will review plot again and discuss each action and its meaning. We will review flocabulary video and students will take quiz after video. Students will also be asked to think of a story they know and tell each element as it relates to plot.


Wednesday- Teks 4.6A- I will discuss each element of plot with the whole group and let students tell about each story and the plot. I will show a video from pixar and the class will discuss the plot together. 


Thursday-Teks 4.6a- We will begin reading Me and Uncle Romie, we will discuss the plot elements of the story and why we think those elements could be it. 


Friday- Teks 4.6A- Students will partner read the story Me and Uncle Romie and discuss the plot of the story. Students will then complete page over plot when finished.